Since 2013 Widasla has bought and exported in excess of 20 machines in the South African market and has sold and installed 5 presses into the difficult and struggling South African market. So if you in the market to buy or sell a press please contact Widasla for the best prices on your print equipment for immediate pricing in euros or pounds which ever suits you better.

Owner and head engineer Dou Fourie started Widasla Technologies in 2005 at the tender age of 24 years old. As an energetic, young and driven engineer Dou was dettermined to make a success of his new venture. Starting of as purely a service based engineering company Widasla Technologies soon grew from strength to strength.

Teaming up with on of the world’s largest 2nd hand dealers in the form of BBR Graphics in th UK made all the difference. Widasla made it’s 1st breakthrough in the selling market by selling Mailtronic its 1st 2x Heidelberg M600 web presses and this was only the beginning of big things to come.